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1 Year on from the launch of the Internet Watch Foundation

onday 18th March marked the launch of the 2012 Annual Report from the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). Fiona Mactaggart, MP for Slough and an IWF champion, was keen to promote the report. She said “As a champion of the IWF I applaud their continuing work in fighting for the removal of child sexual abuse images on the internet.”

Fiona Mactaggart MP and IWF ( Chief Executive Susie Hargreaves

Fiona Mactaggart MP and IWF ( Chief Executive Susie Hargreaves

Recent studies from the IWF have shown that around 1.5 million British adults have encountered child pornography online, usually by accident. Fiona highlighted recent findings from the IWF showing that 74% of British adults were ‘very concerned’ at the prevalence of online child pornography. “What is worrying is that not enough people know how to report these kinds of images or sites, and most people questioned say they would ignore it. This is something we need to address through greater online awareness. Although we’ve seen record removal times in the UK for online child pornography, during 2012 there were a higher proportion of images of children under 10 years old.”

Fiona stated that the continued and successful work of the IWF made her proud to continue supporting their global fight against online child sexual abuse content.