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Fiona Welcomes local campaigner // Enough Food If

Jyoti Saita came to Fiona Mactaggart’s constituency advice surgery last week with her friend Jugal Pakkan.  They asked Fiona to support the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign. They want the Government to boost investment in agriculture and nutrition in poorer countries where nearly 900 million people go hungry.

Ms Mactaggart said “Jyoti and Jugal showed that young people are not apathetic and they are unselfish.  They asked me to support a great campaign which asks governments to keep their promises on aid, invest to stop children dying from malnutrition and help the poor feed themselves through investment in small farmers.”

“They are not just calling for aid to poorer countries but calling for reforms to stop poor farmers being forced off their land, and proposing that available agricultural land should be used to grow food for people, not biofuels for cars.

“I am especially keen to support their call to stop big companies dodging tax in poor countries, so that millions of people can free themselves from hunger.  On the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Commons I am working with colleagues to ensure that multinational companies pay the taxes they owe, which could cover the costs of addressing global malnutrition.

Ms Mactaggart encouraged those wanting to join the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign, which now has over 52,000 supporters, to do so by registering online