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Schoolchildren from Slough join Fiona on Commonwealth Day

Commonwealth Day is the annual celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations held on the second Monday in March. Since 2002 it has been marked by a ceremony commemorating the contribution of servicemen and women from other commonwealth countries in both world wars at the commonwealth gates near Buckingham Palace which were erected by public subscription in that year.

On Monday March 4th, Fiona Mactaggart welcomed children from Ryvers School and St. Mary’s primary school to join the ceremony of remembrance at the Memorial Gates and arranged for them to have a tour around Parliament. The children met a range of high profile figures including Johnson Beharry VC, the first living recipient of the Victoria Cross since 1982; Baroness Flather of Windsor and Maidenhead; the Bishop of London; and various dignitaries from Commonwealth countries.

Fiona Mactaggart Member of Parliament for Slough said “Remembering Commonwealth Day is an important reminder to all of us that it was not just British soldiers who died to defend and protect our freedom.

It is also a great event for children to learn about the history Britain has shared with other countries around the world.”