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Slough taking action on social housing

Conservative-run local authorities have built fewer social housing properties than Labour-run Slough Borough Council over the last three years according to a new survey.

246 social housing properties have been built in Slough over the past three years - compared to an average of 182 in Conservative council areas in the South East and just 199 in areas run by the Liberal Democrats. Thus more than 20 extra families have been housed in new homes in Slough each year than in most other authorities in the South East.

Fiona Mactaggart, MP for Slough, said “Slough is taking action on social housing, helping to provide homes and create jobs in the process. But I know how intense the pressure on housing is in our town, and it has been made worse by government caps on housing benefit which have driven people out of London to Slough increasing competition for housing in our town.”

Ms Mactaggart also highlighted Labour Party proposals on house building stating, “The government keeps saying they want to build more homes but the lack of house building in Conservative areas proves they don’t match talk with action.  A Labour government will make sure that developers use the land they hold to build new homes. We need strong action to address the housing crisis facing the South-East of England.”