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Parliament Was Misled Over Golden Temple Massacre

Letters recently released under the 30 year rule show that the then Indian Government asked Thatcher’s British Government for advice prior to an assault on the Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar in 1984 which led to many hundreds of deaths.

Fiona welcomed the Prime Minister's decision to set up a review of the facts, she has consulted with her constituents, and called for publication of all documents, and an urgent debate in parliament.

She attended Ramgharia Gurdwara on Sunday, met constituents in parliament on Wednesday and is calling for swift action to get to the truth of what happened thirty years ago.  She has revealed that her predecessor as MP for Slough was told in July 1984 shortly after the invasion of the golden temple that there had been no discussions between the British and Indian governments on this matter.

Fiona said, “I share the horror of many of my constituents and people across the world at evidence which suggests that Mrs Thatcher’s Government helped the attack that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocent people.

“I am pressing the Government to take swift action to get to the truth of this. British Sikhs feel shocked that this country might have helped to kill pilgrims in their most holy place.  I want an explanation of the reply to my predecessor as MP for Slough which looks as if it is untrue. It is critical to the functioning of parliamentary democracy that MPs are told the truth"

A copy of Fiona's letter to Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood who has been asked by the prime minister to review this issue is attached. It includes the text of the 1984 question from John Watts.