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Cost of Childcare Denies Opportunity to mums.

Childcare costs rose by an average of 19 per cent in the year to December 2013, with the cost of nannies alone escalating by 25 per cent on 2012's figures.

Fiona is launching a campaign in Slough to make childcare more affordable and suitable for parents. She is consulting with parents and local childcare and early learning providers about costs and availability of childcare, including location and hours. Fiona’s findings will inform policy to help parents in Slough manage the childcare challenge.

Fiona said, ‘Parents need to know that they can access affordable, convenient and safe childcare so that they can afford to work without having to worry about their children’.

Fiona is carrying out a survey of parents in Slough, asking them about their experiences of childcare provision and the impact it has had on them and their families. She will also be meeting with groups of mums to hear directly from them on this issue.

Fiona recognises that, ‘many mothers face the impossible decision between returning to work full time after the birth of their child just to pay for the cost of childcare, or of staying at home to care for their children and losing contact with the workplace.  We need a much better deal for parents nationally, but before a new government delivers that I want to work to help parents in Slough’.


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