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Fiona slams rail fare increases

Fiona Mactaggart hit out at the increase in the cost of rail travel this year.  The price of a monthly season ticket for a commuter travelling from Slough to London is to increase from £225.10 to £232.00.

Fiona said, “While this rise is not as steep as was threatened, it comes on top of increases in household bills.  The average family spends £489 per week according to the office for national statistics so about £1 in every £8.45 they spend is likely to be on the season ticket. At a time when the cost of living is increasing so much, any rise in rail fares will hit hard working commuters in the pocket. The cost of food, fuel and household bills is putting people under pressure and now they face another increase to pay for a poor service from First Great Western.  There are too few fast trains in peak periods and frequent delays as well as confined overcrowding. The Government and train operators should be doing more to cushion train users from increasing prices and to improve the quality of service.”

“Although the Chancellor said that fares will only increase by inflation, wages are staying frozen which means people will still be losing out.