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Slough MP Welcomes Aik Saath Competition Finalists to Parliament

Fiona Mactaggart, MP for Slough welcomed two teams from Slough youth led project Aik Saath to Parliament this week.  They were finalists in a competition sponsored by Slough based company Airwave.


The two teams, made up of Slough young people, were given a tour of the Houses a Parliament and were then treated to tea by the river Thames.


The two teams took part in a Dragon’s Den style competition which Airwave sponsored. The young people were challenged to work in teams to come up with and develop an idea for a social enterprise or business and developed business plans and presented their ideas with the help of Airwave.


8 teams were shortlisted to 2, Seed and Federation of Unification. The winning team, Seed, came up with the idea of helping people sow and grow their own food and were presented an award by Fiona Mactaggart. But the runners up who wanted to set up a café for young carers were thrilled to learn that Airwave plans to help them to make their project a reality in Slough.


Fiona said, “Aik Saath is a great charity and these young people were interested and excited by what they had learnt during the project and very pleased to have a

chance to tour Westminster too. The idea of a drop in café to help young people who take on the responsibility of caring for their parents or brothers and sisters is a great one.  I know that if it succeeds it will help a lot of young people who face loneliness and stress to cope with the extra responsibilities they face.


“Well done to Airwave for backing this competition. Using the skills which exist in the company to show young people how to plan a project and develop a business plan  is a really great way to spread their skills and to help Slough’s young people learn some of the skills they need to compete in today’s tough jobs market.”


Fiona Mactaggart presented the award to the winning team on Thursday 29th October.