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Fiona Mactaggart MP Comments on Intelligence & Security Committee Report on Lee Rigby Murder

Fiona Mactaggart MP who has been a member of the Intelligence & Security Committee of Parliament since this summer said,


"This report reveals some of the weaknesses in the behaviour of the police and Security Services in the period before the brutal murder of Lee Rigby. We conclude that there is no evidence that the murder could have been prevented had the Security Services operated more effectively. 


“However the most important task is to prevent such acts in future. That can't be achieved by Security Services alone. The key task for every citizen is to help. To prevent future attacks we need to be better at stopping young people from deciding to follow a path of terror and murder.


“I am glad that following the report, the Government has announced a slight uplift in funding for activity to prevent radicalisation.  But we must do more, and in particular we must have a comprehensive programme for people who return from Syria in the present crisis to ensure they cannot use fighting skills developed there against people in Britain.  I am determined to work with citizens, families as well as government to keep us safe.”