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Slough MP Backs National Road Safety Campaign

Fiona Mactaggart, MP for Slough attended an event in Parliament last week to back the launch of a national campaign, organised by road safety charity Brake. The event took place during Road Safety Week (17-23 November). The campaign is calling on road users to look out for each other to help stop the five deaths and 61 serious injuries that happen every day on UK roads, and particularly to protect people on foot and bike.


Thousands of schools, employers and community groups will be raising awareness about road safety, and police across the country will be stepping up traffic enforcement to deter and catch drivers putting others at risk.


The Look Out for Each Other campaign is all about everyone, especially drivers, showing patience, consideration and responsibility towards other road users, especially the most vulnerable. To help avoid tragedy, Brake is particularly urging drivers to protect people on foot and bike by slowing down to 20mph in communities, looking longer and taking it slow at junctions and bends, and giving people plenty of room. People on foot and bike are also being encouraged not to take chances, and make sure they can be seen.


In the South East, A fixed penalty for ‘careless driving’ or speeding is issued every four minutes, and two in five (43%) primary school children say they have been hit or nearly hit by a vehicle while on foot or bike.


Fiona said, “As a regular cyclist I know how unsafe our roads can be. The fact that nearly half of our children have either been hit or nearly been hit by a car is alarming. One of the simplest things we can do is to be aware when using roads, whether you are cycling, driving or walking. I have pledged my support to carry on doing so.”