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Slough MP Comments on Chancellor’s Budget

Fiona Mactaggart, MP for Slough commenting on the Budget today said, “Today, we heard little that will help people who are struggling on inadequate pay.  Although the economy is growing, people are still £1600 worse, living standards are falling. It’s a recovery for a few people at the top rather than a recovery for the many people who are still struggling to pay bills and buy food.

 “The Tories are looking after their chums with tax cuts for millionaire bankers, but ordinary people have seen living standards fall in 44 out of the 45 months the Tories have been in power. The Liberals are saying that they don’t support Tory policies, but have and will carry on voting them through.

 “We need real action to help struggling people. We have a housing crisis, but this Government has built fewer houses than any other government since the 1920s. Increasing the amount of money you can keep before you pay tax will help many people but the poorest don’t benefit.

 “The Chancellor admits we will not be in balance until 2018-19, just one year ahead of the plan that Labour have offered.  He claims to have a long term economic plan, but in practice he cannot deliver what he has promised.”