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“Make Slough Homes Affordable”, Says Slough MP

Fiona Mactaggart, MP for Slough commented on newly published research by Shelter, showing that of the 352 2 bedroom homes advertised for sale in Slough not one was affordable to a family on average income.


She said, “The research by Shelter illustrates a stark truth. Even if a young family works hard and saves a deposit, they still won’t be able to find a house in our town, which tops Shelters South east league table for houses that ordinary families just cannot afford. The Government’s housing policy has fuelled this; they are not building enough homes and their policies are driving up prices.”


Speaking in the House of Commons today, Fiona called for better access to private rented housing, with an end to discrimination against tenants who depend, even to a small extent on housing benefit, and end to rip off agents fees and longer term tenancies so that families don’t have to face frequent moves.