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Slough MP receives Kashmir Award

18th June 2014


Fiona Mactaggart was yesterday presented an award for her services to the Kashmir cause. The award was presented to Fiona by M Shahban & Mr Zaker Kiani of the Jammu & Kashmir Self Determination Movement in a ceremony held in the Houses of Parliament.


Fiona said, “I thank the movement for this award and promise I will keep working to make sure that human rights in Kashmir are made a priority. I’ve called on the Government of this country to recognise the rights of the people of Jammu & Kashmir, but no action has been taken. The situation there is a consequence of Britain’s unfinished colonial legacy and we have a responsibility to see it resolved with justice.


“Receiving this award was a great honour and I will continue to stand up for the people of Jammu & Kashmir so that they can decide their own futures.”


She particularly welcomed the increased participation of women in the group. “The voices of women, who are often the first casualties of repression must be heard in the fight for equality and justice” she said.