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Slough MP Comments on Health Regulator Figures

Fiona Mactaggart reacted to the latest figures from the health regulator Monitor saying, "NHS hospitals have suffered under the conservative government. £223 million less spending has meant worse service.


“2730 patients receiving cancer treatment had to wait more than 62 days after they had been referred by a GP, and the target to treat 90% of admitted patients within 18 weeks of referral was missed. Under the Tories more people wait in pain.


“The A&E waiting time target of seeing 95% patients within four hours was also missed, and here in Slough our hospital, Wexham Park, which is keeping patients waiting for care is subject to enforcement action by Monitor because of governance and performance concerns.


“Despite my regular requests for extra resources to invest in patient care rather than private facilities and support for merger with the high performing Frimley trust the future of our hospital is still uncertain.


“At the conference this week Labour pledged new money for our NHS. We will fix this problem, I hope that at the next election the people of Britain give us the chance to do that.”