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Slough MP calls on Prime Minister to fund measures to enable communities to prevent Muslim radicalisation

Fiona Mactaggart, MP for Slough called on the Prime Minister to restore funding to prevent young Muslims from being radicalised.


She said: “The Prime Minister knows—indeed, he has acknowledged in response to my hon. Friends—that young Muslims at risk of radicalisation are more likely to listen to peers and people in their own community than they are to police officers or representatives of the Government who they believe has failed to protect the people of Gaza. Why, then, has he cut £15 million from the Prevent communities budget and will he take the opportunity today to say that he will put that money back into that sort of voluntary community-based action that will persuade these young people away from radicalisation?”


The Prime Minister responded “We do work through Muslim and other organisations, and we should do so. We did make change to Prevent, not least because, when we reviewed it, we believed that some of the funded organisations were not confronting the problems of extremism. That needed to change.”


Fiona added, “This Government’s own report on the Prevent programme concluded that the allegation that Prevent funding had been misdirected to organisations which fuel extremism is unfounded.  I have written to the Prime Minister to ask him to support the Muslim community itself with funding to show young people that terror and murder in Syria or anywhere is contrary to their faith and to the principles of Islam.  Young people are more likely to listen to their peers than a police officer or a Government Minister. 


Fiona’s question in the House of Commons can be viewed here.