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Fiona Mactaggart, MP for Slough is calling on the Secretary of State for Transport to reverse the possible cut in the number of fast trains on the Slough to London Paddington service.


The Department for Transport’s May 2014 Great Western Specification Consultation revealed that Slough may lose at least one fast service from May 2017. The fast train services provide journey times of between 14-20 minutes whereas alternative routes take more than 30 minutes. The route is currently served by 2 fast trains an hour but this could be cut to just 1 from 2017.


Fiona said, “One of the reasons that Slough is the third most productive town outside of London and has more European business headquarters than Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland put together is because of the short time it takes to get to London and back. It’s one of the things I hear most often when talking to businesses and the threat of a fast train being cut could lead to businesses leaving. That’s bad news for Slough and the country as a whole. The Government must act soon because it’s important for jobs and bringing money into our economy.


“I have pressed Crossrail to include some nonstop services into London when their operations begin, so far they have resisted this, but this possible change, combined with Crossrail services which stop at every station risks Sloughs rail service going further backwards.  Slough is a magnet for UK inward investment.  It won’t be if company staff cannot reach the town and commute to London without excessive delays.”