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Fiona Comments, Anti-Slavery Day

In a speech to mark Anti-Slavery Day (18th October), Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart, who chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery said “This day was established to remind us that slavery in Britain didn’t end 200 years ago when the trans-Atlantic slave trade ended.  It is still with us today.  And in these troubled times people who are fleeing war in Syria particularly risk exploitation by traffickers. I am proud to have been part of a team which promoted, scrutinised and developed the Modern Slavery Act.  It’s not perfect but it gives the police and government and companies some of the tools they need to combat this cruel trade.  Our task now is to develop people’s resilience so that they are less vulnerable to enslavement and to do work to protect victims and prosecute perpetrators.

“People think that slavery is a thing of the past but it’s happening right here in the UK behind closed doors, in brothels on farms and in nail bars in our high streets.”