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Fiona Backs Flood Action Campaign

With Slough being in the top 50 places for flood risk in England and Wales*, Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart is backing the Environment Agency’s campaign to increase awareness about risks of flooding and action that can be taken to prepare.

Fiona said, “Many constituents have been in contact with me since the floods last year, letting me know of the damage that flooding can cause. Although we can’t stop nature, there are some steps that people can take to prepare for floods. I would urge everyone to note down the number for Floodline and remind themselves of what they should do in the event of a flood.”

The campaign will run between November 2nd to November 13th.


The Environment Agency is circulating the below advice:

Call Floodline 0345 988 1188

Floodline Warnings Direct is a free service provided by the Environment Agency to warn you about flooding. Call Floodline to check your flood risk, sign up to the free flood warning system and receive advice and guidance about what to do before, during, or after a flood.


There is information online and there are three simple steps you can take to be better prepared for flooding:

1) Check your flood risk

Use the Environment Agency’s maps online to find out if your home or business is at risk of flooding. Or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188.

2) Sign up to Floodline Warnings Direct (FWD)

Sign up for free flood warnings online or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188.

3) Know what to do when flooding happens

This might include:

·         Make a personal flood plan and know what to do

·         Prepare your business for flooding

·         Prepare a grab bag with warm clothes, blankets, mobile phone, medication, water and food supplies, a torch, and a battery or wind up radio and important personal documents.

·         Make sure you know how to turn off the gas and electricity supply.

·         Identify a safe place where you, your family and pets can keep away from floodwater.

·         Check your insurance to see if you’re covered.

*According to the campaign, “Flood Free Homes”, Slough is in the top 50 Parliamentary constituencies at risk of flooding in England and Wales -