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Fiona – Slough Needs Heathrow but Government Must Act on Air

Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart spoke in the House of Commons about the importance of Heathrow to Slough in a debate about the Airports Commission report and called on the Government to take action on air quality if the plan goes ahead.

The debate, a Backbench Business debate took place in Thursday.

Fiona later commented, “It’s important that this debate was held and one of the things I noticed was the number of MPs from around the whole country who agree that Heathrow is important for our country. In Slough its important locally too, for the jobs is sustains and the thousands more it will bring if expanded. Uncertainty about its future is having a harmful impact on jobs locally, we need a decision soon.

“But we need action on air quality too. I called on the Government to act on electrified trains from Heathrow to the West of the country, which will improve air quality. I will continue to press Ministers and Heathrow for this.”


Read Fiona's speech here