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Fiona Mactaggart MP Calls for Fair Funding for Slough Schools in Parliament

Fiona Mactaggart, MP for Slough raised the issue of changes to funding for Grammar Schools and sixth forms during a debate in Parliament that took place last week.


She objected to government funding changes which have reduced spending for school sixth forms to the level of further education colleges.


Fiona said, “Grammar schools with sixth forms are being affected the most by the changes brought in by the Government.  Further Education colleges usually have a greater number of students and so because they are doing things in greater numbers, money goes further. With smaller schools and sixth forms, they are struggling more. And services are being cut. Classes are getting bigger and pastoral support is suffering. This isn’t right and the Government needs to do more to address this.”


She added “I believe parents and students should have a choice of where to study at 16, but this government is reducing the choices available by reducing school spending. The result will be that some subjects cannot be studied in school and will only be available in a college setting, which does not suit every student.”