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“If Heathrow Expands Local People Must Benefit” - Says Slough MP

In a submission to the Airports Commission presented today, Fiona Mactaggart MP for Slough backs expansion of the airport only if tough conditions are met. 

“We will be hit by extra noise, potential air pollution and traffic congestion” she said.  “I have made specific proposals to make sure that Slough is better protected.

“A new rail link from the west should go through Heathrow and link to Paddington, Heathrow should give up the premium express service and better, cheap or even free, local transport links to the airport should help Slough residents to get to work there.

“I know that Heathrow expansion will be unpopular with residents who are worried about additional noise. I have therefore proposed tough limits on noise as a condition of expansion, but I believe that politicians have to stand up for the people they represent, and as very many local people depend on the airport directly or indirectly for jobs I think it would be irresponsible to duck this issue, because if Heathrow doesn’t grow it will decline, as it is already beginning to do.

“Jobs in the airport must be available to local people.  Heathrow must offer apprenticeships to any willing local young person during the construction phase and it must also develop a substantial programme of training for local young people across all employee roles including catering, retail, engineering and logistics. Slough SMEs should benefit from procurement opportunities. These must be conditions imposed on every contractor to Heathrow Airports limited and enforced during the changes to the airport.”