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There are nearly 1,000 missing voters in Slough

New figures released by the Labour party today showed the disastrous result of the Tory and Lib Dem reforms to electoral registration, over 300,000 voters in Southern and Eastern England have already fallen off the electoral roll.  Slough has 714 fewer voters than it did last year, even though new homes have been occupied in the town since then.


Fiona Mactaggart MP issued a call to Slough residents to make sure they have a right to vote.  “In the old days the head of the family would register all the eligible people in any household.  Now each individual has to register themselves. Make sure you are registered.  If you were on the register last year you will not yet have been deleted but if you have not personally registered you will lose the right to use a postal vote, even if that’s what you have been doing for years.


“Some people think voting is not important, but in Slough, in a general election 50 years ago, the conservative candidate beat Labour by 11 votes.  It has never been that close since, but it’s a reminder that your vote really does count. ”


The new figures confirm the concerns that areas with high student populations and areas with high proportions of residents renting their homes would see a substantial drop in the electoral roll.The Taskforce has mapped the effect on Southern and Eastern England.