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Slough MP Thanked for Work on Modern Slavery

On the day that the Modern Slavery Bill completed its passage through the House of Lords, Fiona Mactaggart and other colleagues form Parliament were thanked yesterday by representatives of migrant domestic workers, who gave them flowers as acknowledgement of the work they did to protect this vulnerable group from Modern Day Slavery.


Fiona said, “This is a cause I have championed for a long time. In 2011 I wrote a report “Service not Servitude” which pointed out that planned changes to visas for migrant domestic workers would increase the number of workers who were subject to slave like conditions.  A recent employment tribunal case revealed that my prediction was right as workers in a foreign embassy were treated unacceptably and paid a pittance.


“I learn regularly of examples where these workers are expected to sleep on the kitchen floor, eat leftovers and work long house for little or no pay.  In a modern world this is unacceptable.  I will work to keep the changes which were agreed in the House of Lords to stop this exploitation and to protect domestic workers.”