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Magna Carta

Speaking at the launch of the Magna Carta 800th celebration in Slough, Fiona Mactaggart, Labour Parliamentary Candidate said, “Magna Carta was essentially the first Bill of Rights. Happening when it did, it guaranteed rights for Barons, leading eventually to rights for all human beings. Right now I want to remind everyone to use their right to vote it's how the citizen can have  power. In 1215  it was power for barons over the monarch, today it is power of the citizen over government. It’s sad when young people don't bother to use this valuable power. After all in this constituency of Slough the sitting MP was once defeated by 11 votes so every vote can count. 

“Conservatives and Liberals in Government belittle the notion of human rights. Sometimes they are used by people we disagree with, but that’s the point of universal human rights. They’re there for everyone and we may need them to protect us one day.”