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Women & Equalities Select Committee for Parliament Created – Fiona Leads Campaign

The House of Commons elected in 2015 is the most diverse Commons ever elected with the highest number of women elected (191) and an increased number of black and ethnic minority MPs. Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart has led the successful campaign to create a Women and Equalities Select Committee and this was granted by the Speaker of the House of Commons.

Fiona said, “We’ve come a long way towards achieving a Parliament that includes all the people we are chosen to represent. But more still needs to be done. Labour has more woman MPs than all the other parties put together. Some parties have no woman MPs at all. But this committee is needed to make sure that all of society, including public services and private companies treat people equally. 

“This committee will go some way to ensure that people without a direct voice in Parliament aren’t hit the hardest by Government policy.”

The Women and Equalities Select Committee for Parliament will scrutinise the Government over the effect of policies on women and minority groups. It will also ensure that the Government Equalities Office is run efficiently.