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Political Parties Unite to Petition Against Train Depot in Langley

On Saturday 18 July Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart was joined by Slough Councillors from other parties in Langley to canvass support for a petition against plans for a train depot in the area.  Plans for the depot for the Heathrow Express are to be included in the next stage of the HS2 High Speed train development. 

Fiona said, “This massive depot will cause traffic chaos, air and noise pollution and uses land which can provide much needed housing for local people.  That’s why I invited Labour, UKIP and Conservative Councillors to join me to collect signatures for petitions against these plans.  This issue goes beyond party politics and people from different parties all agree that it’s bad for Slough, we will put our case through a series of petitions to the House of Commons.”

She added “If you’re affected by the plan check out the guidance on my website. If you can’t submit your own petition, you can sign mine. Email to arrange a time to drop in. The more petitions we submit, the more likely we are to stop this proposal, which until now has never been part of local train planning.”

People affected by plans to put a huge Heathrow Express train depot in Langley can now petition against the plans, the deadline to petition is August 14th.

People can submit petitions to the Clerk at the House of Commons by August 14th by 2pm or they can drop it off to Fiona Mactaggart, Slough’s MP’s office which is at 52 High Street Chalvey, Slough, SL1 2SQ before 12 August.

Petitioning costs £20 but this cost can be shared between people. Full guidance can be found on Fiona Mactaggart MP’s website, or on