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Heathrow Express Depot - Site Visit

I was out with the High Speed Rail Bill Select Committee this morning looking at the impact of the plan for a Heathrow Express train depot in Langley.  It was a pity that the bus spent nearly all of its time in South Bucks, which will experience severe traffic problems as a result of construction of the plan, but at least that impact will be temporary unlike the continuing impacts for Slough and Langley which will include chronic noise, the destruction of a site which could serve the needs of local people as well as traffic.

The plan is expensive and I think there are better alternatives. I was shocked that this will make construction of Western Rail Access to Heathrow more expensive and difficult when that is a much more important strategic investment and should happen at the same time as any Heathrow express related depot (if it is to happen here) in order to minimise the impact of both projects on people living near the site and in order to get value for money.

I will be appearing before the committee on 25th January to represent my constituents, many of who have petitioned against the plan.