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Hospital Hard Work Celebrated in Houses of Parliament

Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart welcomed members of staff from Wexham Park and Heatherwood Hospital, part of Frimley Health Foundation Trust to Parliament this week for a reception to celebrate their hard work over the past year. Fiona was joined by Jeremy Hunt MP (Secretary of State for Health), Heidi Alexander MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Health), and Sir Mike Richards (Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Care Quality Commission). The visitors from Slough were treated to drinks and a tour of the Palace of Westminster.

Fiona said “My constituents tell me about their experiences with our local health service, in the past year they have had a better experience than in recent years, many have noticed improvements in the quality of care and the service they experience at our local hospital.  I want, on behalf of those residents to show the staff who work in our local NHS that we are grateful for the effort they have put in.  I invited Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health and Sir Mike Richards, head of the Care Quality Commission which will shortly be reporting on the hospital so that frontline staff could get a rare opportunity to tell them face to face about challenges they experience day to day”.

“I was disappointed that the junior doctors’ strike meant that representatives of junior doctors felt unable to join us, and I told Jeremy Hunt that I blame him for that, but the people who did come, from porters to phlebotomists, care assistants to consultants enjoyed themselves, and I hope they pass on a big thank you to colleagues.”

Great Western Rail provided a train especially for staff to get to London and paid for travel to Westminster and back. Mark Hopwood, Managing Director GWR said "We were delighted to be offered the opportunity to help by Fiona. At GWR we are committed to supporting the communities we serve and this was a great way to say thank you to all the team at Wexham Hospital."

Fiona added, “Most people working at our hospitals don’t get the credit they deserve so this was an opportunity to thank staff for all the hard work they do in contributing to Slough’s health. I couldn’t invite everyone – there wouldn’t have been room!- but it was great to chat with people who came and I asked people to let their colleagues who couldn’t attend, know much we value what they do.

“I made sure the Secretary of State was there so people could give him a piece of their mind and then showed everyone around this wonderful building. Thanks should go to Great Western Rail, too, that went above and beyond helping people get to London and then back to Slough.”

The event was attended by staff of all grades, including managers, maternity staff, nurses, radiologists, porters and consultants.