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Fiona Calls for More GPs in Slough

Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart asked the Secretary of State for Health to take action and provide extra funding for Slough GPs to meet local demand, in the House of Commons yesterday.

The transcript can be read here.

Fiona later commented, “The Secretary of State for Health said he agrees with me that more money should go to support the work of GPs, who make 95% of patient contacts yet receive only 8% of the NHS’s resources. But he isn’t going to do anything to make that happen. Doctors won’t be satisfied with his warm words with no action. He is creating a serious risk a risk that doctors just won’t work in the NHS but turn instead to the private sector or jobs abroad where they can earn more and be under less pressure.

“I’ve previously won campaigns for extra money for Slough health services and I’ll carry on pressing ministers to act to provide essential funds to areas like Slough where we don’t have enough doctors.”