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Slough Season Ticket up Nearly £500 Since 2010

Hard working commuters are now paying 25% more for their train fares than they were in 2010 after another rail fare hike that came in this week.

It means passengers that buy a Slough-Paddington season ticket have been hit by a rise of £492 since 2010, bringing up the price of a season ticket from £2,004 (2010) to £2,496 (2016).

Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart slammed the Conservative Government for hitting passengers, commenting, “Year after year people have paid significantly more in travel costs without any improvement in the poor commuter service from Slough with no fast trains during the morning peak hours and overcrowding and delays still unacceptable. Train travel isn’t a luxury for a lot of people in Slough; they need it to travel to make a living. Yet the price of a season ticket has gone up 25%, a lot more than wages. The increase in the cost of a ticket over the last five years would take a Slough resident on median pay more than a week to earn.”

“I want trains run for passengers, not just for profit. The current system isn’t working.”