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Fiona goes sober for October

Fiona Mactaggart has signed up to a fundraising campaign organised by Macmillan Cancer Support.  The charity is calling for ‘Soberheroes’ to take part in their campaign for ‘Go Sober for October’, the funds raised will go towards Macmillan Cancer Support’s work helping change lives of cancer patients

 Fiona said ‘As a Cancer survivor, I want to support Macmillan Cancer with this campaign.  I am proud that I have already almost met my initial target of £1000, from on and offline donations.  I have decided to aim higher and try to raise £3100, one hundred pounds for every day of the month.

 I don’t usually go in for sponsored events, but this campaign does more than raise money for Macmillan and the great work they do, it is also an opportunity to highlight how drinking alcohol can increase the risk of cancer, especially mouth, throat, bowel and breast cancer.

 I had ovarian cancer 10 years ago, but I recovered and am now completely well, but I know how scary and painful this illness can be. I want to reap the health benefits of going sober for 31 days. I hope people in Slough will support me, perhaps sponsoring me at or joining in.  I am told participants are likely to experience increased energy, improved liver function and lower blood pressure, as well as less risk of developing diabetes – which is widespread in Slough.