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Fiona Comments – EU Membership

Fiona Mactaggart, MP for Slough said, “I will be supporting continued membership of the European Union. I am not a starry-eyed enthusiast for the EU which is too often bureaucratic and distant from the day to day concerns of people in Britain. I am glad we are having an in/out referendum so that voters can decide once and for all Britain's future relationship with our European partners. 

“But it is clear that Slough's prosperity depends to an enormous extent on our membership of the EU. Multinational companies invest in our town, providing jobs for local people because Britain not only speaks English, everyone else's second language, but is also a gateway to the huge European single market. That investment will be lost if we split from the European Union.

“And our security is also helped by collaboration with European partners. Russia in the east and Daesh or ISIL in the south represent a real threat to our security which can best be overcome by working within the EU.

“I have always felt that sending child benefit overseas is unfair and welcome the change the prime minister has negotiated.”