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Let Slough be Slough Says local MP slating boundary changes that seek to put Chalvey into Windsor


Slough’s Member of Parliament, Fiona Mactaggart, has today criticised Boundary Commission proposals that seek to move the Chalvey neighbourhood of central Slough into the Windsor Parliamentary constituency for the next General Election.

The Boundary Commission for England today published its first proposals to reduce the number of Parliamentary seats from 650 to 600, and to make all constituencies broadly the same size.

Although the existing Slough constituency is the correct size for the Commission’s criteria, it is at the upper end of tolerance, and because Windsor constituency is currently too small the Commission is proposing putting the whole of Chalvey ward into Windsor constituency to make Windsor bigger.

Responding to the proposals, Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart said:


“This is an offensive plan which is an assault on the town I am proud to represent. This proposal is a careless ‘fix’ for a Windsor problem that damages the integrity of Slough and will almost certainly leave Chalvey residents with a parliamentary representative lacking a clear understanding of their needs and local issues.

 I say to the commission let Slough be Slough and don't force a centre of town ward which includes our town hall and part of Slough high street to be represented by a Windsor MP

There are other ways to increase the size of Windsor constituency that do not take a bite out of central Slough and remove one of the oldest parts of the settlement of Slough to group it with a neighbouring town. Slough constituency is already the correct size proposed for a 600-seat parliament on its existing boundaries, and this proposal disrespects our town’s integrity to solve a problem in Windsor.

I will be writing to the Boundary Commission to object to this proposal and suggest workable alternative plans. I would urge Chalvey residents to make representations to the Commission expressing their concern as well.

Anyone wishing to see the Commission’s proposals, that have been published today, can do so at: and anyone wishing to oppose this proposition and express their concern should email my office at so I can send them further information to help them make representations to the Parliamentary Boundary Commission.”