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Fiona Mactaggart stands up for schools in Slough

Fiona Mactaggart MP warned in parliament that schools in Slough have already experienced funding cuts, and every single local school faces additional significant cuts to funding under the Government’s proposed National Funding Formula (NFF).

The Government’s so-called “fair funding” proposals transfer funding away from schools in slough to other parts of the country.  On top of this, the Government’s policy of freezing overall funding per pupil and requiring schools to pay increased costs for employees’ pensions and National Insurance as well as contributing to an apprenticeship levy will impose further cuts in schools.  Figures published by the NUT nationally show the massive extent of the losses facing schools as a result of the new funding formula and the overall funding freeze.

Fiona said “At the general election, this government promised schools would see an increase in amount of money given per pupil. They are now breaking that promise. Schools in Slough have already seen spending cuts and are set to see even more in the future. Yesterday the government minister did not even answer my request for a formula for every pupil, not just the ones who arrive before the budget is announced.”

Reallocating inadequate levels of overall funding will not address the funding crisis in education.  Cutting funding to local schools will make matters locally even worse.