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Fiona and Slough resident, Carol Lane

Fiona and Slough resident, Carol Lane

Slough MP Fiona Mactaggart has published a free leaflet on ‘how to complain effectively’. The leaflet has been created as a tool to help people get the best possible outcome when complaining about poor service or faulty goods.

Fiona said, “Many people who have been let down are not sure where to start and because they are frustrated and sometimes angry they often don’t keep a careful record of what went wrong.  The aim of this little booklet is to help you to put your side of the story down in writing and direct complaints to the individual or body who can sort things out. 

“Whether it’s a big company or a local body, organisations can get things wrong. But complaining when you have received poor service is a good way to make sure your voice is head and I hope this leaflet helps people to help themselves.  I wrote it because so many people come to ask me to help and I realise that in many situations the best help I can give is to help people to help themselves.”

Carol Lane (pictured) is a Slough resident who complained with Fiona’s help when the council failed to replace her front door. She said, “I am prepared to take my responsibility but I won't have it when the council doesn't deliver on theirs. It's worth reading this leaflet and complaining effectively to get some results.”

The leaflet contains useful information such as what Fiona can do as a Member of Parliament, example letters, local and national contacts and a handy check-list. To get a free copy, email your name and address to or download a copy here