Constituency Casework


I am committed to being accessible, listening to and communicating with the people I represent.

You can contact me over the phone or in writing or speak to me in person at one of my regular advice sessions. My contact information can be found here and my advice session details are here.

Who can I help? 

I can only act on behalf of my constituents. There are strict Parliamentary rules preventing Members of Parliament from taking up cases on behalf of non-constituents. Because of this, I will always need to know you full current or previous address (if you have no fixed abode). I will be unable to take up your issue without this information.

If you are unsure of who your MP is, you can check by visiting or ringing the House of Commons Information Office on 0207 219 4272.

I can also only act on behalf of constituents who get in contact with me directly. If you are calling on behalf of a relative or friend, I will usually require them to make contact with me directly to confirm they are happy for me to help. This is necessary for me to maintain confidentiality between me and the person or people I am helping. 

My Complaints Leaflet

I have produced a free leaflet called “Managing Your Concerns, Making a Difference: How to Complain Effectively”. The leaflet has been created as a tool to help people get the best possible outcome when complaining about poor service or faulty goods.

The leaflet also contains useful information such as what I can do as a Member of Parliament, example letters, local and national contacts and a handy check-list. To get a free copy, email me your name and address or download a copy here.